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Rumi Akter
Apr 21, 2022
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This is a good example that SEO and CRO are B2C Telemarketing List inextricably linked. No offense to Media market the nice thing about SEO is that there are B2C Telemarketing List always and everywhere opportunities. Screenshot of the Media Market website for SEO tip. Boost page experience: pagination Pagination is something that can have a big impact on B2C Telemarketing List large web shops. Divide your category with 384 products into different pages with, for example, 24 products per page. For example, Googlebot does not have to load an B2C Telemarketing List incredible amount of content in one go, which is at the expense of the B2C Telemarketing List UX for visitors. You also take away the risk that the server has a hard time with a page that is too heavy. Boost page B2C Telemarketing List experience: pagination. Important : make sure to set up those paginated pages, such as variant /2/ or /3/ properly. Post a self-referencing canonical. You can also use . Even though Google communicated that it would no longer use those tags, a Bing, for example, still does. Pagination don'ts Prevent /page2/ from getting canonical B2C Telemarketing List to the main page (page 1). That confuses crawlers and suggests that only one version exists, when there are indeed more versions with your other unique products. Don't exclude B2C Telemarketing List paginated pages in robots.txt, because then you completely close the crawl path to your products for crawlers. Also don't put tags on paginated pages. After a while, Google also B2C Telemarketing List sees a page with as a no follow, a waste of all that link juice. A good resource to learn more about pagination over the years: Pagination best practices on SEJ .Maximum return from your product structured data It is no longer a secret that structured data contributes well to more efficient crawling of information.

Rumi Akter

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